How much does summer camp cost?

Costs vary according to the type of session. Please visit our Events page to view costs. The approximate cost to host a camper for a week of camp is $1,000.00 however every camper is subsidized therefore each camper is charged approximately $500. Camp fees vary based on the activities of each camp session.  Similarly,  the actual cost to host someone for a weekend camp is about twice as much each person is charge between $60 to $80 for weekend programs. Again, this depends on location and activities of each program. Financial aid is available. Exact prices can be found on the Events Page.

How do I submit an electronic application?

If sending applications electronically, please save as a PDF and email it to

I can't open some content on the website?

You may need to update your browser to see all images on the website.  If you still can not view content please use the contact us page to ask any questions you may have.

My child was just recently diagnosed and my application will be late. Should I still send it?

Late applications will be processed at the discretion of the directors.  After the deadline, priority will be given to newly diagnosed applicants (within the previous 12 months).  Call the camp office at (352) 334-1321 for information on how to proceed. We strongly believe that newly diagnosed children in particular benefit greatly from attending camp.  They are able to see that there are many children like them at camp.  They do not need to know how to inject their own insulin.

Should I wait for the doctor's checkup to send the application?

You can send the application without the doctor’s pages (page 3 and 4).  Please be sure to return pages 1,2, and 8 to us along with your deposit to hold your child’s place at camp.  Also, please include a note with the date when you will be able to send the medical.  It must be done and be received by the camp office at least two weeks before camp.

If I send in the application is my child automatically accepted?

Determination of your child’s eligibility will be made by the camp directors.  You will be notified of missing information and/or your child’s acceptance to the program.  If your child’s application is rejected your deposit will be returned.

My child was promised sponsorship by our local church, club, organization, should I wait for their check?

Please send in the application with all the required documentation and any deposit you can send as soon as possible.  Please be sure to fill out the financial aid form completely.  Include the name of the organization, their address and a contact person’s name and address.  We will begin processing as soon as we receive those documents. You can send the sponsorship check when you receive it or the sponsor can send it directly to the camp office.  Sponsorship does not guarantee acceptance if the child does not meet requirements.

Why do you ask for a report card?

Report cards are indicative of a child’s performance in a group setting. Generally, they can give an indication of how the child will behave at camp.  You don’t have to send the last report card of the school year, just the latest one you have.

Who are the volunteers at camp?

Florida Diabetes Camp runs on volunteer power!  All sessions are staffed by Pediatric Endocrinologists, Pediatricians, Nurse Practitioners,  Diabetes Educators, Dietitians, Mental Health Counselors, Psychologists, and a variety of other health professionals and educators.  Our cabin counselors consist of medical residents, medical students, nursing students and health and pre-professional students from most of the health programs in the State of Florida.  All volunteers are screened and have their backgrounds checked  as well as have to attend a training session in diabetes management prior to camp.

Are donations to Florida Diabetes Camp tax deductible?

The Florida Diabetes Camp is a 501 (c) 3 charitable organization and all donations are tax deductible.  A receipt will be sent. Donations to the general camp fund help us to pay for all the associated costs of running the program.  The fee charged to the participants only covers campground rental and food.  Donations can also be made to sponsor a child to come to camp.  No one is turned away because of inability to pay.

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Can grandparents and other family members attend?

Yes, the family weekends are events designed to include all those involved in the care of the child with diabetes.

Will we all be together in the same cabin?

Family weekends are extremely popular events.  In order for us to accommodate the most families in the facilities we divide participants.  We have dad’s cabins, mom’s cabins, younger boys’ cabins and younger girls’ cabins, and so on.  Children under 4 stay with one of the parents.  All children are under the supervision of trained counselors who stay with them and test blood sugars  and give their injections.  During the day the toddlers join the other children in the activities and have an opportunity to participate in programs set up for their age.  The opportunity of the parents to stay up and interact with other parents and share experiences has become one of the most positive feedbacks we get in our post event evaluations.

Are there indoor bathrooms and air conditioning/heat in the cabins?

Yes, the cabins have all indoor facilities and are climate controlled at all the camps we use for these events.

Can we drop off the child for the weekend if we can't be there?

No, the family weekends are intended as an event for at least one child and one adult (parent or grandparent).  We offer weekend events for the child with diabetes and a friend or relative or our summer camp programs for just the child with diabetes.

Do we need to bring our own diabetes supplies and snacks?

We provide all meals and snacks as well as all testing equipment and diabetes supplies for the weekend. If your child is on the insulin pump you will need to bring enough infusion sets to last the entire camp session. If you have a special dietary concerns please let the office staff know.

Who will be speaking to us at a family weekend?

The speakers will be pediatric endocrinologists, diabetes educators, dietitians, mental health professionals and other educators.

Can I pay for camp in installments?

Yes, our billing system you can make payments towards a session before or after the session.  You can also charge the fees on your credit or debit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card or American Express accepted).

Does insurance pay for camp?

Can you bill my insurance company?
No, most insurance companies will not pay for Diabetes Camp.

Is there any financial aid available?

Financial aid is available for all FCCYD programs.
Contact Chris Stakely (352) 334-1470 for further information.

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